Cake Stands

We offer a range of cake stands to hire which must be returned to us with 5 days. We love our cake stands and one or two are imported from the US so please please treat them with care as they are not quite as robust as solid metal . If broken or chipped we do need to charge the original cost and all cake stands must be returned in their original packaging.

All our cake stands are available to hire for a 5 day period (hover over the below pictures);

Cream stand – 12″ diameter, 4″ tall – £10

Glass cake stand 11″ diameter, 2″ tall – £10

Glass cake stand 11″ diameter, 4″ tall (2 available) – £10

Glass cake stand with dome 8″ in diameter (10 & 12″ available on request) – £25

Black china cake stand 9.5″ diameter, 4″ tall – £10

Mercury Glass Cake stand 12.5″ diameter, 3.5″ tall – £10

White stands 12 -13″ (3 available) diameters 4 – 6″ height – £10

Square White Cake Stand 14″ in diameter and 8.5″ high – £25

Sterling Silver plated – top measurement 15″, 5″ high – £50 in central London which includes delivery and pick up. A deposit of £200 is required which is paid back once the stand has been safely returned to us


We can also offer a pick up service for all cake stand within zone 1 of central London and for this we charge a £15 – £20 – depending on your location. We can pick up from further afield – just please ask.

** Please note we do hire our cake stands out to those who are not buying one of our cakes, but prices will differ to those of above, please enquire for details.


Cake Stands Hire Design 1
Cake Stands Hire Design 3
Cake Stands Hire Design 4
Cake Stands Hire Design 5
Cake Stands Hire Design 6
Cake Stands Hire Design 7
black stand - web

Glass standfinal 1 - web
pennystandfinal - web
Mercury stand final - web

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