With so many wonderful cake coverings it is sometimes difficult to choose, here we list the things you need to know to help you make your choice!


Sugarpaste is the most popular cake covering in the UK. The finish is soft to touch and can create either square edges on the top edges of the cake or slightly rounded – pending which suits your chosen design best.  We use only the finest sugar paste that gives a smooth finish and has a beautifully balanced sweetness. We do not use Marzipan underneath the fondant on our sponge cakes, (although we can provide if this is preferred), but we do use either buttercream or Ganache. 


You can have our cakes covered in buttercream for a very simple finish, we can also pipe buttercream on your cakes – cakes can be adorned with fresh flowers and fruits of the forest or just very plain and simple and you can also have them with an ombre affect. See our Rustic Desert Table for examples. But if you have seen other types of piped buttercream then just ask and we can let you know if we are able to do it. Please note that we do not recommend buttercream cakes to be used anywhere outside, in a marquee, or without air con for the months of June, July and August.

Light covering of Buttercream

This can be seen with the semi naked cakes where some of the sponge can be seen through the buttercream and has a lovely industrial /outdoors feel to it. 

No Covering

A cake with no covering at all is called a Nude or Natural cake. This works particularly well for the vintage feel and can be seen with our Niamh (pronounced Nieve) cake. We can do these with all our flavour sponges and these can be produced in either 3 or 4 layers of sponge. (The 3 layers of sponge is more economical than the 4). This is the most pocket friendly choice.


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