Off The Peg

You will see the range of our ‘Off the peg’ cakes on the main gallery page, (including our new mini collection and our client pictures).  With an off the peg design, you can have these designs exactly as you see them in our wedding cake gallery, or you can have alterations made to suit you and your day. Whether that is more tiers or different colours or more sugar flowers. We can work to most things and will make suggestions that we think will work best for you.


Bespoke Wedding Cakes London are becoming more and more popular.  If you have decided that you would like your very own design then please make sure you bring all your ideas/inspiration/mood boards with you to your consultation. This will help us make sure we can really understand the theme and feel of your day and the kind of cake that we hope you will love and will reflect you and your day perfectly.

Addtional variables to help create the cake of your dreams;

Fake Tiers – these tiers look exactly like a tier of cake on the outside but are polystyrene on the inside. Fake tiers help when the wedding is small but the venue is big and/or has a tall ceiling – you can take your two tier cake to feed 80 which would be lost in a room like this to a 4 or 5 tier cake. And don’t worry we will make sure you are clear on which tiers are fake, so you know which tier to cut on the day. Almost 75% of our brides have fake tiers for this very reason – so you would not be alone.

Cutting cake – this is for extra-large weddings where we can make additional large cakes without decoration that go straight to the kitchen on delivery. These tiers can then be cut in advance and be served alongside the portions from the main cake on show.

Sample 1 of our Bespoke Wedding Cakes London
Sample 2 of our Bespoke Wedding Cakes London
Sample 3 of our Bespoke Wedding Cakes London
Sample 4 of our Bespoke Wedding Cakes London
Sample 5 of our Bespoke Wedding Cakes London


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