All our Dessert Tables are bespoke. The minimum number we cater for with our luxury dessert tables is 40. Many items have a minimum order of 20/25.

Allow on average £10 - £15 per person including crockery hire, set up and delivery.

We will make quantity recommendations based on when you want the dessert table to be available and what other food is being served at the time.

We highly recommend that we liaise with your florist to help finish the table with at least 2 – 4 vases of flowers. These are not included in the price. Other finishes can be styled and priced for including backdrops /banners etc.

We have a range of crockery in white, ivory, glass, pink and blue but can, (at a small cost) source additional crockery in to match your colours of the day.

For those looking to book both your wedding cake and Dessert table with us, we offer a 10% discount off the cake (up to a value of £100).


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