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Happy Monday to all.

I do hope you all have had wonderful weekends. We are so excited with our new website and have had some great feedback about our new collections with press coverage already in 7 magazines this year… with You and Your wedding magazine due to show 2 new unseen designs in their new issue launched this week.

What we are hoping to do, going forward, is to highlight to you our different features that we offer from Egg free cakes, to double height tiers to our press coverage articles and classes coming up next year – so that you truly understand what we are about our services and who we are.

As a starting point however (and what we always enjoy doing),  is letting you see a snipped of what we ‘ve been up to and the cakes that we have been putting together. We have had some great designs to do this year with our Sofia and Tabitha as popular as ever and really working in so many different environments.

Fabulous Things - London Wedding Cakes


This on the left, is our lovely Tabitha in February earlier this year, a light cream fondant, light cream piping, Sweet Avalanche roses on top and sugar rose petals around the base of each tier.    Below you can see a 2 tier version of Sofia from May;  light cream/ivory fondant with painted bridal lace with sugar piping, piped pearls and a double satin bow tied at the front. I love how the bride chose to have all her bridesmaid’s bouquets on the table with Sofia. A very creative way to really make your wedding cake shine, without adding more to your budget.

London Wedding Cakes, Fabulous things





We also had a wonderful opportunity to create a cake for Erika at Flutterfly events and her bride Vivienne at the Painted Hall in May. This pictures is supplied by the very talented www.kerrymorgan.com
The Painted Hall is part of the Old Royal Naval College and really is absolutely breath taking – so if you have a day spare take it is absolutely worth a visit. We had to wait to put our cake in the hall until 5pm as the public were still feasting their eyes on the glory that is seen here.
What makes each cake even more special is that each couple that these cakes were made for made a special effort to either email, write a letter or call (and email) to say how utterly thrilled they were with their cakes and how they were very much a talking piece of their day.
We work very long hours to make sure we provide both cakes and a service that is second to none and really this makes our jobs even more worthwhile – so thank you to Deborah, Pippa and Vivienne – as always a pleasure to provide these cakes for you.
Wishing  you all amazing weeks and we hope to have another update for you very soon.
If you want to see any other updates please do visit us on Facebook and come and say hello we would love to hear from you.
Abi 🙂
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