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Happy New Year to all and congratulations to all those who got engaged over the festive season. I hope you are all beaming from ear to ear!

We are very lucky to get a lot of press coverage from National wedding Magazines, but wanted to share with you our last two pieces, both on a full page showing one of our Nude cakes – ‘Niamh’ and also one from our new collection – ‘Rosalie’.

Nude cakes, (that is sponge cakes that are not covered in Fondant), are proving to be just as popular this year and seem to suit many environments and are kinder to the pocket. The below picture is taken from the January issue of You and Your wedding which if you are lucky might still be out now.  This was a Vanilla bean sponge, with white chocolate ganached buttercream and raspberry preserve. Served with fruits of the forest and maybe a little icecream or thick cream, this nude wedding cake and flavour sponge works very well as dessert. This cake was a 5, 7 and 9″ tiered cake and would feed up to 75 people. Prices start from £375 to feed 75.

Niamh y&y wed web

Our Rosalie design from our 2014 Collection in the Feb/March issue of Wedding Magazine. Out now.  This was a design done in collaboration with Wedding magazine. These sequins are edible and took over 8 hours to hand stick onto the tiers. They also took another 4 hours to make. The ruffles are also made of sugar and took anther 3 – 5 hours per tier, so not a quick cake to produce by any means.  You could have any flavour sponge you would like as well as perhaps gold leaf instead of the sequins, or even plain white fondant tiers rather than the sequins. All our quotes cover you for up to 2 flavours of sponge and don’t forget all our tiers are 5″ tall rather than the standard 4″, so you do really get more cake for your money! (So to speak). You could have this design to feed a minimum of 40 and up to 200.  Price when feeding 100 is £845.

Eme web (Vsml)

So really whatever you have your heart set on please do contact us and let us know your queries/concerns we would be delighted to help.

Wishing you an amazing start to the Year.

Look out for an update on our new collection in the next week or two.

Abigail 🙂





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